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WELL DONE Lions Nature Education Centre. Well, when they do a good job, they deserve credit for it….and so I am very pleased to say “well done and thank you” to AFCD and the team at Lions Nature Education Centre in Sai Kung. They have really turned things around.

You may remember my video and damming account of how the Nature Education Centre had really lost its way over a 3 year period, with devastating effect on the biodiversity. Well, I am pleased to report that things are much, much better. (There are some things to point out for improvement, but for this blog I am going to focus on the positive).

AFCD direction admitted mistakes had been made and park management actively engaged with me to show me their renewed efforts. A new manager with an ecology/biology background was appointed and new budgets approved (as told by urban councillor).

There is a new refurbished watering system and pond irrigation system, which means that the empty, sterile ponds are now (re)filled and replanted with a variety of plants - like the 3 little ponds here above the Deaf Cafe.

The Dragonfly pond on the right is now full and has been restocked with plants. (I do have to note it will take years for the aquatic life to resume to its former glory, as all the nymphs, naiads and other aquatic animals were destroyed - but life does find a way, with new dragonflies coming to lay eggs etc. the biodiversity has taken a hit, but we are on the right track back).

The lotus pond has been refurbished and restocked with lotus. Here, naturally dying off over the colder months...i hope that their care and management and planting was suitable for their survival. we will wait and see in the spring.....fingers crossed.

Butterfly valley has been replanted and has some management.

And i am very pleased to see the resurgence of the hedgerows that were replanted, after having been torn out. A year later many of them are looking good.

The trellis and other areas have been replanted, along with other areas for butterflies.

I have some considerations and concerns that I will cover in another blog, but for now, simply WELL DONE AFCD ... REALLY, YOU SHOULD BE PROUD. THIS IS A GREAT EFFORT AND TURNAROUND.


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