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- Kidnapped book shop in Sai Kung

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Author: Adam Francis
Co-producer: Robert Ferguson

    Hong Kong is home to more than 40 species of snake. This printed field guide provides an easy system for quick identification to help hikers, rural residents and wildlife enthusiasts alike, identify and learn to appreciate these fascinating animals. It is also made as a true field guide with a water proof PVC cover and the perfect size to fit in your pack or jacket pocket.

Included in this nearly 200 page book you will find:

  • An easy system for visually identifying snakes

  • Organized categories to help quickly confirm if a snake is venomous or not

  • ‘Quick Facts’ for a fast summary of important behavior and identification details

  • Scientific taxonomy

  • Detailed written summaries of each species

  • Information on venom composition and effects for all venomous species

  • Mistaken ID with visuals for each species

  • Photo galleries for each snake

  • Actual size reference photos for each snake

  • Habitat, general natural history and conservation information

  • Snake Bite Safety information

  • Snake ID checklist organized from easiest to most difficult to find species and more…

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: L19 x W11.5 x H1cm

  • Cover: Black PVC (waterproof)

  • Pages: 196

    Note: The cover of the book is made of waterproof PVC but the pages can still be damaged if exposed to water.

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