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   Robert Ferguson is an international award winning photographer, with images appearing in international and local publications.
  He publishes a daily wildlife blog,
facebook: wildcreatureshongkong
or 香港野  Hong Kong WildCreatures 
He works on content and wildlife photography with different local conservation groups. These have included:  Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens, Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre, Aquameridien, The Children’s Discovery Museum, WWF, and AFCD.
He is also the author of a number of local HK wildlife publications; see "SHOP".  

Robert has lived with his family in Hong Kong for the last 25 years, working in Media, as GM for Advanstar and then Ringier in Asia, and most recently for The Economist and Reuters. He left full time employment in mid 2018 and now volunteers part time with a foodbank NGO, Feedinghongkong.        
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       The internet is (almost) infinite, full of more great pictures and content than one could ever hope to absorb; we're here to help narrow it down and focus on Hong Kong wildlife. 

       Hong Kong was once home to exotic mammals, including: tigers, leopards, pangolin, and other large and wonderful creatures, and it provides the base for our hikes and our eternal hunt to find the best of Hong Kong’s wildlife. We’ve continually explored the subtropical forest, paths and plains, finding numerous insects, reptiles, amphibians, as well as porcupines, masked palm civits, wild boar, ferret badgers, leopard cats and mouse deer.  We’ve seen blue-tailed skinks basking in the sun, tiger beetles scuttling on the path in front of us, watched cobras hunt, hundreds of butterflies take flight, huge pythons curled in water catchments, civet cats crawl along branches, and porcupines rustling in the night. And of course all those wonderful birds... the brilliant yellow Japanese white-eyes, the dazzling emerald Sunbirds, chatty Bulbuls and the ubiquitous large and noisy swooping black Kites riding the airwaves. 

There is still a way to go for wildlife education and promotion in Hong Kong, although there is a growing movement to protect the beauty of our natural environment and the animals that we live with. We want to be part of this ecological movement and celebrate Hong Kong’s abundant natural world. 


None of these images have been photoshopped. An image processing software is used called Lightroom to organise and convert the files from RAW, and to crop and do basic editing. The images here have been reduced in quality for better/quicker viewing on-screen. Please follow the links where appropriate for a full image. And contact me for prints, posters and postcards.​​​


Photographic exhibitions, publications, and co-operations:
Pending release: 

              - Hong Kong Science Museum; Biodiversity Wall
              - WWF Mai Po Visitor Centre

October 2021: HK University: Exhibition, Ecology in the Making (1816-present)

March 2021: Hong Kong Science Museum: Exhibition, Ecology in the Making (1816-present)
March 2021: Co-produced "The Field Guide to Hong Kong Snakes"

March 2021: Exhibition “Faces of Lung Fu Shan” HK University. Here.

February 2021: Organiser for the LNEC bioblitz.

February 2021: Wildcreatures in Hong Kong volume II published.

January 2021; Traditional Chinese translation of WildCreatures Hong Kong v.1

July 2020. The Guide to Nature Guides in Hong Kong.

April 2020. Wildcreatures in Hong Kong booklet. 100 species ID for the layman.

June 2019 . Official photographer; bio-blitz at Lung Fu Shan (HK University)

March 2019 Sai Kung exhibition “Portraits of Wildcreatures” - sold 56 photos.
7 photos at “Zhiru-Natural” art exhibition that toured Hong Kong in 2018, organised by the AFCD
Permanent photo exhibition in Matilda Hospital, the Peak.

2020-2021: November: i)Nature Puzzle. ii)Snakes and Ladders in Hong Kong iii)wildlife puzzle iv)Wildlife Bingo v)Habitat Ludo.  All games a co-operation with Lion Rock Press. See "SHOP".

Photographic judging and courses:
2022: LumiVoce workshop and photo judge
November 2021: Kadoorie Farm Photo competition
October 2021: Envioro/HKU club competition
2020 & 2021: Cathay Photographic Club Nature competition.

2018/9: Taught 2 photographic courses at Kadoorie farm and botanical gardens.


Photographic awards and recognition: 
September 2021: CUPOTY: one photo final round

September 2021: The Nature Conservancy’s 2021 Global Photo Contest. Final round.
March 2021: Hong Kong Science Museum: Exhibition, Ecology in the Making (1816-present)

March 2021: WPOTY one photo in final round.
January 2021: Share the view: 11 photos semifinalist. One top 250. One honourable mention. December 2020: Viewbug; Winter Award for Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird photo.
November 2020: NANPA 10 photos semifinalist. 2 in top 250 and one in top 100 published.
August 2020: 2 photos shortlisted in Close Up Photographer of the year.
First prize in People’s Choice award  In Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2020. 7,000 entries from 117 different countries. Photograph. Coverage: this from the BBC.

April 2020, “streaked spider hunter” Viewbug 2020 Choice award.
5 photos selected in the final round of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2019. 

2019 exhibition “Portraits of Wildcreatures” sold 56 photos.
7 photos at “Zhiru-Natural” art exhibition that toured Hong Kong in 2018, organised by the AFCD
“Herps through the lens” by HKRS, category award winner. 2018
“Small but mighty” competition, Kadoorie Farm, category award winner. 2018.
Permanent photo exhibition in Matilda Hospital, the Peak. 2012.

First prize “Tout feu, tout flamme”, Swiss national photo competition. 1982.


 Selected interviews and coverage in media:
HK Economic Journal. Full page in paper. 04/2021.  Link. (paywall)
CNN; Call to Nature 02/2021.  Online feature
Hong Kong’s #1 newspaper: Apple Daily   Video and print. 12/2020
South China Morning Post: 03/2019 SCMP. And 04/2020. SCMP 

Oriental Daily, and video:  Link.   
RTHK Radio 3. Interviews. Link

Expat living: Link    
Zolima City Magazine.  Link  

Hong Kong Free Press (for HKsnakeID) Link
Shooting it RAW, interview: Link

Various society talks, including Green Drinks; Froggy Kindergarden; HKU student body; Greenpeace; 3Herissons; Lee Woo Sing College; etc.


736 children.
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