The internet is (almost) infinite, full of more great pictures and content than one could ever hope to absorb; we're here to help narrow it down and focus on Hong Kong wildlife. 

       Hong Kong was once home to exotic mammals, including: tigers, leopards, pangolin, and other large and wonderful creatures, and it provides the base for our hikes and our eternal hunt to find the best of Hong Kong’s wildlife. We’ve continually explored the subtropical forest, paths and plains, finding numerous insects, reptiles, amphibians, as well as porcupines, masked palm civits, wild boar, ferret badgers, leopard cats and mouse deer.  We’ve seen blue-tailed skinks basking in the sun, tiger beetles scuttling on the path in front of us, watched cobras hunt, hundreds of butterflies take flight, huge pythons curled in water catchments, civet cats crawl along branches, and porcupines rustling in the night. And of course all those wonderful birds... the brilliant yellow Japanese white-eyes, the dazzling emerald Sunbirds, chatty Bulbuls and the ubiquitous large and noisy swooping black Kites riding the airwaves. 

        There is still a way to go for wildlife education and promotion in Hong Kong, although there is a growing movement to protect the beauty of our natural environment and the animals that we live with. We want to be part of this ecological movement and celebrate Hong Kong’s abundant natural world. 


None of these images have been photoshopped. An image processing software is used called Lightroom to organise and convert the files from RAW, and to crop and do basic editing. The images here have been reduced in quality for better/quicker viewing on-screen. Please follow the links where appropriate for a full image. And contact me for prints, posters and postcards.​​​






   Robert Ferguson is an award winning photographer, with images appearing in international and local publications including SCMP; Coconuts; Time Out and Action Asia. Most recently his photos were chosen as part of the "Zhiru-Natural" art exhibition that toured Hong Kong, organised by the AFCD.

    Robert has lived with his family in Hong Kong for the last 20 years, working in Media, most recently for The Economist and Reuters. He also works with NGOs such as FeedingHongKong and ASSIST/AsianNGO.

   "I have been posting quite a few animal photos on Facebook and Social media for a while, but I was inspired by my recent work with the AFCD to make this more regular"


For information on camera settings and equipment used, simply go to our Flickr page here 

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