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A great expo and venue and area for a walk.

Wondering what to do (with the kids) this weekend? Then head over to Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (or any time really, up to mid May). Along with their regular cool stuff, there is an exhibition of wildlife photographs taken at their centre - and yes, some/most of them by me. And what's more, they are giving them away at the end of the expo! Simply turn up and register/scan the bar code and you can get a free photograph if you are lucky. More info here:

Me and my crab spider. Or is that my crab spider and I?

Some of the great photos to see...look at that

plus some cool exhibits

There are some great walks around the centre, easy paths following the old covered water conduits with great views, or you can head up into the forest above. They even provide field equipment!

Highly recommended, and the building is a jewel.

From the centre:

【龍虎山公民科學節第4彈|龍虎山裏面】 (Please scroll down for English) 攝影展由中心主辦,展出Robert Ferguson與François Brassard於龍虎山上拍攝的作品。



展期:即日起至5月16日 展覽地點:龍虎山環境教育中心 免費入場

【Citizen Science Festival | The Faces of Lung Fu Shan】 Organized by the centre, ‘The Faces of Lung Fu Shan’ showcases the work of Robert Ferguson and François Brassard taken at Lung Fu Shan.

Robert is a photographer who likes ecology, while François is an ecologist who likes photography. Both intrigued by animals at Lung Fu Shan, they’ve captured moments of these creatures through a camera lens: spiders waiting, toads mating, snakes sleeping… now appear before our very eyes.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are many ways to discover the beauty of the natural world. Don’t be intimidated. Find your own ways to explore the vast world of nature!

Date: until May 16 Location: Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre Free admission


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