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Voices for the Planet Challenge 2024Theme: Magic WingsCompetition: Feb 14 - Apr 22, 2024

Voices for the Planet Challenge 2024

Theme: Magic Wings

Competition: Feb 14 - Apr 22, 2024 Our friends at LUMIVOCE proudly launched the ‘2024 Voices for the Planet’ challenge a couple of weeks ago, and now they extend a heartfelt invitation to all the schools and educators to take part in this extraordinary journey.  for more information please follow this link. LOOK FIND DISCOVER LEARN LOVE PROTECT. we protect what we love

Educating and inspiring the young through music and the arts are at the core of our strategy for making an impact. Our Voices for the Planet (V4TP) education programs inspire young people to love and protect wildlife and biodiversity by creating their own wildlife artworks in different art forms including drawing, writing, photography, videography, and music (vocal & instrumental).


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