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“Voices for the Planet Challenge 2022”

I am very pleased to be supporting and running a couple of workshops for this great initiative: LumiVoce's “Voices for the Planet Challenge 2022”. I will be doing two workshops in line with the theme small is beautiful. WORKSHOP 1. will be about the Small animals in Hong Kong. With a focus on bugs. Everything you wanted to know about creepy crawlies.....and WORKSHOP 2. Photographing small animals and bugs. Using your phone/tablet and getting the best pictures with review of concepts and storytelling and some basic lighting/framing and backgrounds skills.

Get your school to join up...or you can do it as an individual; all welcome...

Hong Kong schools and individuals are invited to join student biodiversity arts competition

The Hong Kong-registered, educational wildlife

conservation charity is excited to announce the Voices for the Planet

Challenge 2022 (the “Challenge”), a student online competition which, through creativity

and the arts, develops young people’s interest in biodiversity and a passion for nature and


The Challenge features five challenges (drawing, writing, video, photography, and music)

from which students may choose. The deadline for submission is May 22, 2022, World

Biodiversity Day. Challenge winners will be celebrated at the Voices for the Planet Festival

(the “Festival”) in October/November 2022 in Hong Kong (TBA). This year’s theme will be

“Small & Beautiful” (insects). An animal group that’s often forgotten, but vital to the

survival of our planet.

Building on the success of Voices for the Planet Challenge 2021, LumiVoce invites all

interested schools to participate in 2022. This fun, creative competition, and festival will lift

spirits and help young people, schools, teachers, and parents focus their positive energies

in a time of extraordinary difficulty for our planet and society. Through this program, we

encourage all to rethink the relationship we have with wildlife and the

natural world. We promote the idea that we can and must live in harmony with other

species for a sustainable planet.

From March to May 2022, a diverse lineup of artists will provide workshops to support

participants in developing their creative skills in each art form. They include classical

soprano and pianist Dr. Ying Ying Liu (founder and director of LumiVoce), American

composer and producer Robert Copeland, Hong Kong pop singer-songwriter Jocelyn

Chan, Canadian writer Cheryl Rosebush, Chinese illustrator Ying Chi, American

conservation photographer and writer Kyle Obermann, internationally acclaimed

photographers and filmmaker Robert Ferguson and Joseph Anthony, and eurythmic

expert Suiming Chu. Special speakers on biodiversity and conservation include CEO and

founder of Encompass HK Benita Chick and director of HK Shark Foundation Andrea


Other featured artists and judges include American composer Cary Ratcliff, Brazilian

pianist and composer Catarina Domenici, Spanish pianist and choirmaster Paco Alvarez

Diaz, and American pianist and choir director Ines Draskovic.

Participants will develop compassion, empathy, and mindfulness towards wildlife and

nature through the creative process. Winning artworks selected by international artists will

be exhibited at the 2022 Festival and published on LumiVoce’s platform. Winners will be

invited to interact with professional artists and keynote speakers to learn how to make a

social impact through the arts, and every participant will receive an e-certificate.

Voices for the Planet Challenge 2022 is supported by well-known NGOs including Chatteris

Educational Foundation, Hong Kong Shark Foundation, A Plastic Ocean, HK Lingnan

University, Jao Tsung-I Academy, The Nature Conservancy HK, Teach for Hong Kong, and

the social enterprise Encompass HK. We welcome all schools to take part in the Challenge

and invite corporations to support this impactful, community-based creative educational

project that focuses on the environment, sustainability, and biodiversity through the arts.

For more details on how to join in please see:


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