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Thinking of a great Christmas present? How about ‘The Bugs of Hong Kong’?

Still looking for an interesting and unique gift for Christmas? There are only 10 copies left to order online, and a few at the Lion Rock Press and at Bookazine and and then they are gone I will not be reprinting this book. To order yours now for Christmas delivery:

Here we are, Ken Follett, Harry Potter and Bugs! top seller in Kidnapped bookstore.

(Benita and the NGO Encompass HK now take 50% of the book proceeds, as they provide fulfilment whilst I am out of Hong Kong; so another great reason to order your copy now. Encompass also offer a range of great tours and activities, many of which are nature/wildlife related). Reserve yours today directly from: Copies are available in a choice of black or white covers. For more information, and to see sample pages, please follow the link above.

This book is for anyone who has ever said, or heard “Hey, what's this bug?” The ultimate guide for anyone who wants to know more about the many tiny creatures we discover on our walks in Hong Kong. What on earth is that? What does it eat? Is it poisonous? Can it sting? Does it lay eggs? Where can I find more? Is it a male or a female? Are they rare? This book attempts to answer all those questions… and more! Using amazing photographic images and explaining in terms we can all understand - combined with rigorous science and expert help - Ferguson plunges us into the tiny, wondrous and fascinating world of Hong Kong bugs; sharing their secrets with his characteristic insight and unique humour.

Included in this 320 page moleskin-size book you will find:

  • 300+ bugs. The most common, the most fantastic, the most fun.

  • A gatefold flow chart along with 4 pages of species ID guides to help quickly confirm the order/type of bug and to find the relevant pages more quickly.

  • A introduction to taxonomy and morphology - for the layman.

  • Common and Latin names.

  • A page of colourful stickers that kids and bug enthusiasts will love.

  • Written summaries of each species profiled, with quick facts on size, common or not, male/female differences etc.

  • Stunning photos for each bug.

  • Fascinating facts: from the wonderful, to the bizarre, to the downright weird and hilarious.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: H 21.3cm x W 14.3

  • Cover: Black or White PVC (waterresistant)

  • Pages: 320

  • Priced at HK$380 black or $385 white (includes p&p).


Robert Ferguson Publisher WildCreatures


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