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Theflower Mantis

Just a few shots to share with you one of the most lovely of all the lovely local mantids in Hong Kong, the flower mantis. From my book, WILDCREATURES OF HONG KONG FLOWER MANTISES. AKA INDIAN FLOWER MANTIS (Creobroter spp.)

These mantises are often referred to generally as Creobroters (three species in HK), as they can be difficult to ID to species level. Creobroters have quite unique looking eyes—quite sharp and angular. Distinctively lime green, this medium-sized mantid has a stouter body than most and a pair of cone- shaped compound eyes protruding upwards. Their forewings often bear large eye spots with markings which are thought to resemble

prey species for other insects, thus acting as a lure.

SEE THEM: This uncommon species may sit quietly on a branch and wait for prey for several hours, making them difficult to discover. They appear in Hong Kong from June to November

In this first photo you can see her recently laid egg case....

I'll just point out the difference in the use of bounce flash between these two photos.


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