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The wonderful Birdwing butterflies of Hong Kong

There are two species of Birdwings in Hong Kong, and these are the only two butterfly species protected by law; they are the Common Birdwing and Golden Birdwing, which are visually very similar.

These images were shot in Fanling just a few weeks ago .

The images below were shot last year in Kadoorie farm.

They are the largest butterflies in Hong Kong (hence the name), and both have large wingspans, of 12-16cm. Probably the best place to see them (and a place where both species are present) is at Kadoorie Farm. They also have a spectacular caterpillar which i have also found and photographed also at Kadoorie Farm.

I went to the butterfly garden at Kadoorie Farm on May 3rd 2018, to give a quick instruction on capturing insects in flight (which was hard, as it was overcast) and took the following photos of the Birdwing in flight.


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