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The Wild Animal Rescue Centre (WARC)

The Wild Animal Rescue Centre (WARC) at Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden. To comply with the government's current social distancing measures, KFBG will is closed to the public at the moment, until further notice. However, their conservation and education programmes are ongoing, and the Wild Animal Rescue Centre is operating as normal. I would like to take this opportunity to showcase their great ongoing work, on behalf of those who have no voice: The wildcreatures of Hong Kong.

Photo credit KFBG and text below from KFGB.

KFBG’s Wild Animal Rescue Centre (WARC) is the only facility serving a unique and important role to Hong Kong wildlife and animals and those that were smuggled into the city. As of 2020, over 52,000 animals have been received by the Rescue Centre. Over 14,000 of those were snakes, which were treated by veterinary staff at the WARC under the Wild Snake Rescue Project. These snakes were delivered by the Police to KFBG to mitigate human-snake conflict.

To protect local native animals from extinction, KFBG has set up a conservation breeding programme of Golden Coin Turtles in a secure location at the WARC. There is massive incentive for people to trap these commercially valuable turtles, due to a mistaken belief that the turtles have special medicinal properties for treating cancer, despite overwhelming scientific evidence otherwise.

A photo of a Golden Coin turtle, taken at the WARC.

Apart from native creatures, many animals residing at the WARC were smuggled for the food or pet trade and were transferred to our facility for temporary care. The Rescue Centre provides health checks, medical treatment and appropriate husbandry until the legal case is closed and before we help to find a safe place for these animals to live.


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