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The most recent DSLR camera trap of the Small Indian civet.

These are images from my most recent DSLR camera trap of the Small Indian civet or (Viverricula indica taivana) if you prefer. Finally, I got my "keeper" image and not just record shots.

As I learned more about this type of camera trapping I was able to keep the subject in focus and also get less flash glare. Also the animal became more habituated to the gear that was left in the forest for over a month.

These images took c.2 months to achieve and needed regular visits to the camera as it is a DSLR (a canon 5Dmk iii) left out with rain protection gear and a flash, also protected. It is much easier to get images and information from the trailcameras I use, but the image quality is very poor, especially at night. NB Beware the cheap trailcams at sham shui po and other places. They often do not hold a charge or work poorly.

In the image above you can see the sensor on the right, tied to the tree.

Very weasel like....don't you think?

I had my trailcam out for around 2 weeks and then my DSLR for another 2 weeks to be able to try and establish a path or pattern, but I only got this one picture on the main camera in just over a month of trying.

FYI I also got quite a few wild boar, and more worryingly, many cats, both domestic and feral, that compete with our natural, local, wildlife.

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