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The Crab Spider

I am repeating some of these images from my video, which you may not have seen.

These little spiders often hold their front legs aloft and move sideways, hence their common name, Crab spiders.

Some species of crab spider can can actually change colour, mimicking the flowers on which it sits. I have read they don’t do this if you cover there eyes…..just imagine making those blindfolds.

There are about 15 different crab spider species that we have here in Hong Kong , detailed and photographed by mr. Spider, aka Dickson Wong, in his definitive “Guide to the Spiders of Hong Kong”, 

These little arachnids can be found on the stems or on the flowers of plants, waiting for their prey, positioning their bodies to look like the pollen-bearing centers of blossoms, and I find many on the daisies along my walk in Po Lo Che, Sai Kung.

These spiders do not spin or have a web - although they do use the tough silken strands to secure their footing. These spiders kill by ambush.  see the blog tomorrow for more information on these fascinating creatures.


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