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noun 1. a person's leg, especially the part from the knee to the ankle. 2. a long, narrow part of a tool connecting the handle to the operational end. "gouges vary in the amount of curve or sweep on the cutting edge and the form of the shank"

verb 1. GOLF strike (the ball) with the heel of the club. 2 slash or stab (someone), especially with a makeshift knife.

or it can apply to a bird. the (common) Redshank, here coming into land in Mai Po.

Even tho' my online dictionary said a shank referred to a persons leg, the redshanks' most distinctive features are their bright orange-red legs.

They have a medium-length bill with an orange base to match, brown speckled back and wings and paler belly.

Redshanks hunt for insects, earthworms, molluscs and crustaceans by probing their bills into soil and mud.

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