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Like a Phoenix

The Little Egret is a common sight in Hong Kong, both in freshwater, in the water catchments and rivers, and near the coast on intertidal mudflats. With our warm weather here most Little Egrets stay all year, and are permanent residents in Hong Kong. They can be seen in abundance near brides pool road out near Luk Keng, in Hong Kong Wetland park, or in SaiKung, like this one. As an aquatic bird, it feeds in shallow water and on land, consuming a variety of small creatures.

About this photo: Early evening as the sun was setting my wife called me to grab my camera and come up to the patio rooftop, as a lovely white bird had just landed in the tree tops almost at eye level. I had a 400mm zoom on, but was too late to catch the bird as it flew swiftly off, but then its "friend" came in and rested briefly even closer, with a gorgeous sunset right behind it. I pushed the ISO due to the low light and quickly squeezed off a few shots as the bird tried to find its balance, but within seconds it was gone again. Luckily, I had a shot where its body almost glows in contrast to the dark trees, and the strange lighting that bounces from our house, which means its front lit against a light and dark sky.

EXIF: ISO 640 . 1/1000s . f4.5 . for more info do see information about the photos on our flickr page:


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