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keeping clean

An odd fact about geckos is that most species lack eyelids. Because they cannot blink, they lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. oooooh, ok, mr pedantic, technically, they are not licking their eyeball, but they are licking the transparent membrane that covers the eyeball. ok? now back to your shed.

This tiny little guy was found in my stairwell at home, already missing his tail.

Wonderful flower like patterns when seen up close.

Most geckos are nocturnal, and are particularly well-adapted to hunting in the dark.

According to one study, the sensitivity of the gecko eye has been calculated to be 350 times higher than human cone vision at the colour vision threshold. I am really not sure how the establish you think they put those weird eye things on it like when you get your eyes tested at the optician? I do know that they look at the optics and the large cones in the eyes of the geckos, but I am very wary of this science and the harm inflicted on the animals.


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