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It's here! Snakes and Trails Board game

It's here! The Snakes and Trails Board game is now out. Well before Christmas too!

Those clever peeps over at Lion Rock Press have done it again! We have some co-operations for puzzles and bingo games with wildcreatures, but now it's our sister site time, and had its part to play in helping with the snake facts.

simply follow the link below to see this more about this great product:

In case you cannot read the small text below:

"Due to its rich and diverse habitat, there are over 50 species of snake in Hong Kong, from the mighty Burmese Python to the tiny Common Blind Snake. Meanwhile, the territory also boats over 200 trails and is considered one of the premier hiking destinations in Asia.

“Snakes & Trails” is a Hong Kong twist on the much loved family games, including facts about some of our most famous hikes, and most beautiful snakes.

Able to be played in several fun variations, it’s the perfect game for mixed ages and abilities!"

Full disclosure, we are not paid in any way for this cooperation or sales, but I do get a free game. So now you know. But, I do think the Lion Rock Press games and products are a real labour of love, high quality, and very accurate, and I am very proud to be associated with them.


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