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Once a week I am going to feature a company from the (Free)

Guide to Nature Guides of Hong Kong. Download your copy here:

First up is a great company called Encompass, and I plan to go on their tours as soon as I get back to Hong Kong (CX/Covid/China Govt permitting). And there is one coming up really soon, a really exciting night-time adventure:

ABOUT ENCOMPASS, taken from the Guide to Nature Guides.

Company name: Encompass HK

Speciality: Bespoke eco-tours and biodiversity talks Website and/or Facebook , Facebook: EncompassHKAsia 

Contact details: Benita Chick Phone: 3686 0790  email: Key focus:  Nature 6 Wildlife 4 Walking/Hiking 3. Adventure 2 Do you cater for families/children?  Yes I cater for families and children. Is this English or Chinese language or both? Both Describe/promote your organisation: Encompass HK is a HK-based social enterprise promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. Other than our experiential-learning workshops such as sustainable coffee and biodynamic wine, we run bespoke eco-tours with our expert wildlife guides to promote SDG 14 Life Below Water, SDG 15 Life on Land, with locations ranging from Hoi Ha marine park, Nine Pin islands, Tung Ping Chau, Mui Wo, Yim Tin Tsai and Lai Chi Wo. Our bilingual tours have different elements including wildlife identification, Hakka dumpling lessons, farm-to-table experience, composting, snorkelling and cater for wide range of abilities and needs.   Best dates of the year and times of the day. Year round with weather permitting  Typical and example pricing  A half day trip will be around $200 and a full day trip $400-$500 including lunch Are you Eco-Friendly?  Yes. We do not allow single-use plastics in our trips. 


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