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Birds and Bulbuls with Sharon

Today we are going to look at a series of photos from local celebrity and animal/conservation advocate, Sharon Kwok.

Sharon is the real deal when it comes to helping animals, not just a pretty face on a poster, but she has a real connection that means she spends a lot of her own time and money on campaigns. I came across her work back when she was attending CITES meetings, campaigning (successfully) for Pangolins, with key chain give-aways and hand sewn animal suits to raise awareness for the delegates.

Here she is feeding one of her many rescue birds, at home.

She also founded and runs Aquameridian Conservation & Education (facebook page)

Specifically she works on changing cultural habits that can wipe out endangered species and destroy natural habitats. Hats off to this tireless local campaigner.

Recently she has been working and studying out of home, like most of us! And this gave her the opportunity to document the babies of the Red-Whiskered, or Crested Bulbuls.

Here are the easily identifiable eggs, with their pink colouration.

For these photos, note that Sharon did not disturb the birds or nests that are in her trees. She adds “I only sneak a photo a day to document growth. A point worth mentioning is that it is illegal to take wild creatures from the wild in Hong Kong without authorisation”.

and lastly as adults (all photos sent to me by Sharon Kwok).

She also looks after many baby birds, working as a local rescue can see the story here in a local magazine (it helps if you speak Cantonese).


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