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This is the amazing Brown Wood Owl (Strix leptogrammica).

As far as I know, there are now a few breeding pairs in Hong Kong, which appears to be increasing, compared to the only pair that I knew of somewhere in the forest above Kadoorie Farm. This species is a part of the family of owls known as typical owls (Strigidae), which contains most species of owl. It belongs to the earless owl genus Strix.

This wonderful creature is actually quite big (45–57 cm), with upperparts uniformly dark brown, with faint white spotting on the shoulders. The eyes are dark brown, and very difficult to photograph, as they are primarily nocturnal....but it was asleep so you cannot see them!

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香港野 Hong Kong WildCreatures


這是令人震撼的褐林鴞(Strix leptogrammica)。

以我所知,香港只有一隻褐林鴞,居住在嘉道理農場附近的森林裡。這物種屬於俗稱貓頭鷹的鴟鴞科(Strigidae),而此科包括了大部分的貓頭鷹品種。牠屬於沒有耳羽的林鴞屬。 這隻奧妙的生物實際上挺大(45 - 57cm),頂部統一深褐色,肩上帶淺白色的斑點。眼睛深褐色,並且因牠們主要是夜行性的而非常難拍攝。


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