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A plant to see

Continuing on our theme of guest post/plants, here is this wonderful photo from Jason Wong of the 棱果花 South China Barthea (Barthea barthei)…have you seen it?

Jason writes:

“As the only member of the genus Barthea, the rare South China Barthea is endemic to southern China with important scientific interest. It can often be found in ravines and mountain tops in local ranges, blooming splendidly in early spring with the Chinese New Year Flower (Enkianthus quinqueflorus).

I had this lovely surprise whilst on my walk at the Wilson Trail No. 4. I knew there are quite common to encounter around that locality near Kowloon Peak, but it was a rare joy to find one”.

You can see more of Jason’s work on his ig account ‘nature_smalljournal’.

Thank’s Jason. And if you have a great photo and would like to contribute a short piece, please do get in touch.....


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