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SNAILS part deux

Yes, as you may have noticed, snails have very bad eyesight, with less complex eyes (referred to as eyespots that are located on the tips of their upper, longer pair of tentacles)which gives them with a general sense of light and dark in their surroundings.

The short tentacles located on a snail's head are very sensitive to touch sensations and are used to help the snail build a picture of its environment based on feeling nearby objects. Snails don't have ears but instead use their bottom set of tentacles to pick up sound vibrations in the air.

Word for today: Estivation

if it gets too warm or too dry for snails, they enter a period of inactivity known as estivation. They suction themselves onto a surface as they retreat into their shell. Conversely, when temperatures drop, snails go into hibernation, and they retreat into their shell and seal its opening with a thin layer of white chalk.

Most terrestrial snails are hermaphroditic which means that each individual possesses both male and female reproductive organs.

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