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time for a few snakes....

First up.....the BANDED WOLF SNAKE . Lycodon subcinctus. Black and white banding very similar to the Many Banded Krait in appearance, reaching a length of ~90cm.

As always, information taken from our sister site


Active at night and mainly hunts small lizards. Generally docile when approached they are not quick to bite but will do so if disturbed or handled. Normally slow and deliberate in their movement they are capable of moving quickly when fleeing. Hunt near water sources, forest floors and water conduits. Often found at slightly higher elevations.


The Banded Wolf Snake is a terrestrial species often hunting in forested areas or water culverts. It can be found distributed across Hong Kong including Hong Kong Island but is very rare. A less common encounter for most given its nocturnal nature, it is possible though very unlikely to bump into one on the trail and if so they should be give a wide berth and left alone due to similar appearance with the deadly Many Banded Krait.

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