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Geckos are a very common sight in Hong Kong. They are normally quite small lizards (except for the Tokay Gecko - see earlier blog post) with a soft-skinned body, a large flattened head and big eyes.

Amazing facts:

1. They have no eyelids and their eyes are covered by a transparent membrane

which they lick to clean, as in this photo.

2. Geckos are unique among lizards in that they have vocalization and are able to make chirping sounds or even loud barks during social interactions with other individuals.

3. Their amazing climbing ability is due to hairs on their feet! They possess a special ability to climb, even on glass or upside down due to specialized toe pads with microscopic fibres. Scientists have found that these pads have millions of microscopic hairs, or setae. At the right angle and pressure, a single hair can lift the weight of a large ant. A whole gecko's worth of setae could lift the weight of a child.

4. They can drop their tails to avoid predation, and then grow it back again.

Gecko species can be quite tricky to tell apart. Here is the less common Garnot's Gecko, recognisable by the saw like spikes along its tail.

Here a large tokay gecko gives me the eye

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