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The story behind the image - 2

As you may know by now, I am having a solo exhibition in Sai Kung, starting on the 23rd March...please see details below....and there was some great coverage in the Sunday Post Magazine...see this link here.

This is one of the images:

This is a Changeable Lizard, or Common Garden Lizard, which I have written about previously, and I must admit, they are one of my favourite creatures that i find on my walks. It is not uncommon to see 2 or 3 on one walk, and I think my record is 6 in one day. They are lovely subjects to photograph, as you can often get quite close, and they are very attractive, with sharply defined scales and a glint to their eye, as they cock their heads. But, their tails are impressively long, and its always a decision to focus on the body, or go for the whole shot, and lose some of the detail. This was the first - and only - time I have ever seen one with a curled tail like this, so I dropped to eye level and shuffled forward. My wife kept its attention on the other side as i moved into position...and gotcha! This lovely female was shot at ISO640, 1/750s, f9.5, with my trusty 70-200mm lens, at 200mm.

Sally also managed to get my picture taking the shot, and you can see the lizard in the bottom right of the photograph.

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