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A birding day out on 19th November.

Not by me, but by avid birder Matthew Kwan. As i have written before, the bio-diversity of Hong Kong is staggering....and this is particularly true of birds.

Here is a composite image of some of the birds that Mathew saw that day.

Mathew only went to two different locations...and guess how many different bird species he found? The answer is below, as he recounts his day.....

"You can see a lot of birds in Hong Kong on a single day. This morning at Shek Kong Catchment there were quite a lot of resident forest species, but also a wintering Verditer Flycatcher. In the afternoon I took a stroll in Long Valley, other than a lot of critically endangered Yellow-breasted Buntings, I also came upon a Rook, which is a rarity in Hong Kong! I totalled 87 species in the two sites combined!"


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