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Dive, Dive, Dive.

So, this week, we will dive into the Oceans around Hong Kong and discover some of the wonderful wild creatures that live in the water around us. I have dived and snorkelled happily in our oceans...its easy enough....just head to SaiKung for example, and jump on a Sampan to Half Moon Bay, or grab a Kayak (there are many for rent along the beachfront) like we did and paddle over to Sharp Island. Clear water, sandy beaches, and lots of marine life awaits. This lovely beach is completely exposed at low tide, and a wonderful place to rest up on the way to Sharp Island in your kayak. You can see our boats in the background.

Stop off at some of the beaches on the way and you will find coral, and all kinds of shells, including Sea Urchins.

Meanwhile, under the water there are all kinds of animals,

like this Red feather duster worm, Protula magnifica Although these creatures look like flowers they are beautiful animals. Each worm builds a long tube that it affixes to rock, coral or another solid surface. When things are safe the worm spreads out its feathery top, but when threatened it instantly retreats into its hole.

Many, many thanks to Maxine and Sarah of the The Marine Science Center, where i took the photo of the Red feather duster worms.

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