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Just keep swimming...with the snakes of Hong Kong

Here a juvenile IndoChinese Rat Snake. 灰鼠蛇 . Ptyas Korros

Taken on a macro setting with a small compact a 7mm lens...this meant that my hand was about 10cm from his face when I took this, whilst sploshing along in a conduit, and he would strike out to bite occasionally (not to worry, they are non-venomous). A compact camera or a phone has a great camera to do this with, with good DOF (depth of field) and sufficiently large images to make them look good and sharp - who needs a DSLR?

First "discovered" by Schlegel in 1837, this is a largish non-venomous quite common snake in Hong Kong; As they love water as great place to see them is near ponds, in water catchments or in reservoirs, and they are one of the few snakes out during the day in Hong Kong. Here an adult found near the ponds off Brides Pool Rd in the New Territories.


Can grow to 150cm in length. Mainly eats Gunther's frogs - but will also eat rodents and lizards. Will dive into water to escape when surprised, and hide under rocks. Aggressive and will bite vigorously if caught. Commonly sold in in the snake shops here in Hong Kong for its gall bladder and meat. Yuk.

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