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The Small Asian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus)

The Small Asian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus). There are two species of Mongoose in Hong Kong, and this is the prettiest. They can inhabit as wide range of areas, but it prefers wetlands and open plains. They live in holes and burrows, and come out mainly during the day time (diurnal).

The Small Asian Mongoose mainly eats insects but they also feed on crabs, frogs, spiders, scorpions, birds and eggs...and of course snakes, even the venomous Chinese cobra.

Although there has been one sighting on HK Island, if you want to see this lovely animal, then you need to go to the Northern areas, along the border with China, or TaiMoShan, TaiLam, or Plover Cove.

But probably your best chance for a sighting is at MaiPo marshes, where Dr. Martin Williams took these pictures.

The Small Asian Mongoose were not seen in Hong Kong for a long time, although Hong Kong is within, or close to their natural ranges. It is thought that they have either moved into Hong Kong by expanding from nearby areas of their natural range or it is also possible that they existed in Hong Kong in the past and have now re-colonized Hong Kong after the reforestation of our Country Parks.

They have been introduced to several Pacific islands, Caribbean islands, South America, Japan and Europe to help control the rodent and snake populations.


Speciality: birds, hiking, photography

Website and/or Facebook address.

Contact details: key contact: Martin Williams, t 96201824

What is your key focus

Nature 5*. Wildlife 5*. Walking/Hiking 5*. Adventure

Do you cater for families/children? Yes

Describe/promote your organisation in 100 words: Writer and photographer, with long experience in leading birding and hiking tours in Hong Kong, also educational outings for school groups, talks in schools.

Best dates of the year and times of the day For birds, best from around September to May. Hiking is toughest in summer heat.

Typical and example pricing Around HK$2800/day fee, plus transport etc.

Are you Eco-Friendly? I spend considerable time and effort advocating for nature conservation, don't have a car so tours usually via public transport.

Wildcreatures note: Martin is a tireless advocate for nature and wildlife in Hong Kong. You have probably read one of his excellent articles in the SCMP, and check out his books at the end. Hong Kong Outdoors was founded by writer, photographer and wildlife enthusiast Dr Martin Williams, to celebrate this many-splendoured place: as well as enjoying the city, you can discover rugged hills, hiking trails criss-crossing country parks, an internationally renowned wetland, waterfalls in secluded ravines, fine places to eat in gorgeous surroundings, islands set in the South China Sea. I have been on a bird watching day with Martin, and it was brilliant; highly the story here - Click here

Martin has written a number of articles, and this great book about hiking in Hong Kong. Make sure you get a copy.


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