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The long-tailed Shrike

The long-tailed Shrike. I often see this masked bandit when I am out walking.

Here are some pictures from Luk Keng a couple of weeks ago.

This was about as close as I got to him, to try and show the detail in his feathers and features, a wildcreature portrait.

This glorious bird below lives down the road from us in Sha Kok Mei, in Sai Kung. We saw it during a walk, and a few days later we went back specifically to have another look, armed with a tripod, and a big lens.

He was perched next to the little stream and we moved in as close as we could to the other side of the small river, admiring the sun on his feathers, as in the images below. Keeping him in the frame as he flew too and fro, catching the occasional bug, yielded this lovely shot above, just as he was leaving his perch.

Moving around gave me different background options, dark or quite different effects.

And here is another...


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