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The Collared Scops Owl

Here is a The Collared Scops Owl (Otus lettia). This was shot at dusk, but the sensors of todays cameras are good enough to record light even at high ISOs. And remember to overexpose. Yes, that is right, don't clip the highlights, but ETTR (expose to the right, ie overexpose) is the way to shoot in low light, to avoid noise and record more details in RAW.

Here another image...this one of an adult, much closer, taken at a different time, and this is an owl that is at a rehabilitation centre, pending its release.

This was shot at Kadoorie farm and botanical gardens

It was taken during one of their local raptor introductions/displays that the public are welcome to join on a Sunday. Look for details on their website, and you can get close to this wonderful bird, or something similar.


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