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The brown fish owl

The brown fish owl

Above: This is one of the owls that Kadoorie Farm looks after.

These owls are quite large and heavily built, have relatively larger wings, have considerably longer legs, and have a rough texture to the bottom of their toes, which helps these birds grasp slippery fish. These owls have large, powerful, and curved talons and a longitudinal sharp keel sitting under the middle claw with all having sharp cutting edges that are very much like those of eagle owls.

Quite a few people from the Hong Kong birdwatching society go out to photograph this beautiful bird, as they fish off boats at night moored close to shore.

Below, this is a brown fish owl shot in a wildlife park in Malaysia.

They be found around large bodies of water, and along sea coasts, spending the day in the shadows of large trees. They have large, powerful, and curved talons and have been known to walk into the water to catch prey.


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