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Some skin in the game

It is always a game hunting snakes...the last big game of Hong Kong. And I hasten to add it is only for fun and photography. No trophy hunting here, thank you.

Earlier today on my walk in SaiKung I saw a tail coming out of a hole in the ground. A dried snakes tail. I pulled it, but it got stuck. I had about a meter of beautiful shed skin in my hand...and with my heart in my mouth quickly reached in and dislodged the rest, which was in a hard, compact ball, rolled back on itself.

Later at home I handed this mess to my wife, a surgeon, seamstress (and would be painter), and she worked her wonders, unravelling it to reveal this lovely complete shed/slough of a Burmese Python. Its skin is 2.8m long, which is probably a bit larger than the snake itself. But just look at how small the head is.


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