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Shout out

Today I am just giving a simple shout out to my friend Paul, over at the Beas River Country Club; you know, that posh place, with horse-riding run by the HK Jockey Club. But they also have a great biodiversity programme, and I am so pleased to see any park or urban area managed with wildlife and plants in mind. The bushes and trees, waterways, shrubs and grasses are always alive with blooms and critters and creatures of all kinds. They also do member tours and outings, introducing a wide range of old and young to the wonderful wildlife around us. Well done.

He has also recently produced two publications for members, firstly a general spotting guide to the wildlife around the club.....

and also a junior member activity book with spotting competitions for kids on the property; both books are brilliantly full of Paul's wonderful photography. And he does feature regular nature updates in the members magazine.

From Paul: "My ongoing mission is to experience the wonderful bio diversity in Hong Kong and share that with our next generation in the hope we can all work together to maintain Hong Kong as a haven for animal and plant life." Keep up the good work Paul.

Full disclosure: I am not a member, but Paul has bought me lunch at the club, and I have taken some photographs there. I am inspired to add to my own collection of books, so watch this space for an announcement about a partnership (not HKJC, I wish) to do a kid friendly wildlife booklet/guide to HK.


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