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Sharks and Small Sea Creatures Workshop

The upcoming workshop, Sharks and Small Sea Creatures Workshop hosted by Andrea Richey, Executive Director of Hong Kong Shark Foundation will be hosting a free and online workshop for us on this Thursday, April 21 at 4:30pm HKT!

RSVP and easy invitation for you to share here:

Andrea Richey, an executive director of @Hong Kong Shark Foundation, has been working to raise awareness of shark conservation and calling on everyone to stop eating shark fins and other shark products.

Last year, Lumivoce had the honor to invite Andrea Richey to participate in the workshop and share her knowledge of shark conservation.

For more information about our speaker, please refer to her website:

For upcoming workshops, please check out:

參加本次工作坊的 Zoom 鏈接:

@Hong Kong Shark Foundation 執行董事 Andrea Richey 一直致力於提高保護鯊魚的意識,並呼籲大家停止食用魚翅和其他鯊魚製品。

去年,明音有幸邀請 Andrea Richey 參加工作坊,分享她在鯊魚保育方面的知識。


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