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NIHK....not in Hong Kong

  • NIHK....not in Hong Kong Prehistoric face off

I was in the mountains of Ecuador to photograph the amazing Galápagos giant tortoises which are a species of very large tortoise in the genus Chelonoidis. I was lying on the muddy path taking a portrait of a tortoise in the mud-hole when another tortoise stormed in and they began to face off, with much hissing and posturing. I got close with my wide angle lens to get the lovely shells, background but also detail in their faces, as they appeared to kiss. Soon after the incumbent tortoise on the right gave up his place, and the victor settled in his place in the mud as the gentle mountain rain continued to fall. canon R5, 15-35mm lens at 25mm. 1/640s, f/6.3 ISO6400

Here is another one, storming down the path towards me with the rain pouring down....


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