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New pics of Fork-tailed sunbirds

The Fork-tailed sunbird (Aethopyga christinae) has a slender downcurved bill, partially tubular tongue, and short, rounded wings. They feed on small insects and sip nectar from flowers - such as these coral tree flowers.

This is the male, so bright and colourful.

I had been trying for ages to get a shot to see the underneath of their neck and chest and so highlight the band of bright blue feathers that runs along there. See above.

The fork-tailed sunbird (Aethopyga christinae) is a very small bird, 6-9cm only, that have a frequent “zwinkzwink” call and a metallic trill. Residents of Hong Kong, they are common and wide spread. They breed between April and June, eventually forming a ball of grass into a nest up in the trees.

To see them, look in the tops of shrubs and trees. The best places i have found include the Pavilions at the top of Kadoorie Farm; outside the Mathilda hospital, looking over the sea, on the Peak; and in Lion's park in Sai Kung.

I shot all of these pics on one plant in Tai Po Kau; also an excellent place to see them. but see how the direct sunlight affects the colours and form of the bird below.


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