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Thinking of getting out of the house? Well, really it's a must before you go stir crazy, especially with kids....well, let me recommend a couple of tours coming up by ENCOMPASS, a very worthy local social enterprise.

I have not been on one myself, but I plan to go soon, and they come highly recommended by a friend; and the guides they use are first class.

From the organiser:

"Encompass HK is organising excursions to Hoi Ha (March 11) and Nine Pins Island (March 21), and Lai Chi Wo (March 29) for those longing for clean fresh air for the body and the soul. We’ll be discovering the different Sustainable Development Goals, fauna and flora with these unique locations. Our excursions are inclusive and suitable for all ages and abilities".

Find out about their tours in, and see the example below.

Hoi Ha Marine Park (March 11)

This is an outing to Hoi Ha Wan, one of the first Marine Parks in Hong Kong, with an expert guide accompanying us to introduce the fauna and flora of the area.

In this excursion, EncompassHK will first lead you to experience one of the most innovative outdoor water stations by Urban Spring at the Park Tam Chung Sai Kung Country Park visitor center. We’ll also teach you how to make use of iNaturalist and compete in the April’s worldwide City Nature Challenge.

and remember, they are also doing Nine Pins Island (March 21), and Lai Chi Wo (March 29), perhaps I'll see you there.


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