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Loopy again

As previously mentioned, this week is all about the emerging and lovely LOOPER MOTH 

(Milionia basalis

Another exception to the rule of only flying at night, this lovely moth is another day-flying moth.

In fact, mr moth told me that there are actually more species of day flying moths than there are total number of butterfly species (c.150)! who knew..... These moths have a habit of emerging all at once. Gardeners and park keepers do not like these moths because the larvae are voracious eaters of pines. In particular they favour the plum pine, Podocarpus, which is an expensive horticultural asset closely associated with good feng-shui, with a small tree costing thousands of dollars. 

SEE THEM: NOW!! from the middle to the end of May every year there is a synchronised emergence of these moths. Look for them under conifers at the entrance of Sai Kung Country Park, or at Lions Nature Education Centre under the pines. 


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