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Last chance for preorder

The pre-order reader promotion will end at 5pm on the 8th May, and the price will go up....but you can still get your copy, or a copy for a friend, or an advance Christmas present! Readers, my book is dedicated to you, and the wonderful feedback that you have given me, so I am very pleased to announce a great new book about all the different Wildcreatures of Hong Kong, and a special PRE-LAUNCH OFFER.

This new book by Robert Ferguson is now available for pre-order. Retail price after launch will be HK$320. This is now on pre-sale for HK$300. More information below An introductory guide to the incredible biodiversity of Hong Kong and the many wonderful wildcreatures that we are fortunate to share this territory with. 356 pages, 602 photographs, and 375 species this is the essential guide for anyone who wants to know more about the many wild animals that live in Hong Kong. Written for the layman, but with a background of rigorous research and scientific knowledge from experts. Using beautiful full colour photos for each animal, the simple-to-use format covers key identification features as well as size scale, months and times of the day when they are most likely to be found, as well as location information and some fascinating facts about many species. Bonus pages cover some of the best places to visit to see these creatures, references for further education, as well as pages on biodiversity and taxonomy.

This is a pre-sale offer and your copies will be the first to be sent out. As this is pre-order only at the moment this book will not be available in stores until later. For any queries please contact us at DUE TO INTERNATIONAL RESTRICTIONS WE DO NOT FULFIL OVERSEAS AT THIS MOMENT

A new book by Robert Ferguson (Author of Wildcreatures Vol. I & II; The Bugs of Hong Kong; and co-producer of the Field Guide to Hong Kong Snakes)

ORDER YOUR COPY HERE. Book price HK$300 + P&P = HK$340

A comprehensive, and beautifully designed, easy-to-use guide to most of the common species you are likely to find in Hong Kong, this book is the definitive photographic reference guide for nature enthusiasts. Similar in size and scope to the previously published Bugs of Hong Kong, this 356 page book is large enough to cover most common species, but remains a practical field guide that you can take on walks. Focusing on Hong Kong creatures makes it quick and easy for the reader to accurately identify what they have found, and highlights for many animals shows whether they can be found nearer to home in the city, villages, or in urban parks. Put simply, this is the essential photographic guide to the wildlife of Hong Kong. Included in this 356 page moleskin size book you will find:

  • 375 different animals. The most common, the most fantastic, the most fun.

  • Common and Latin names.

  • Written summaries of each species profiled, with quick facts on size, common or not, male/female differences etc.

  • Stunning photos for each species.

  • A gatefold flow chart along with 4 pages of species ID guides to help quickly confirm the order/type of animal and bug and to find the relevant pages more quickly.

  • Fascinating facts: from the wonderful, to the bizarre to the downright weird and funny.

Product Details: ​ Flexi-bound (350gsm art card, matt lamination, colour covers). Text/photos: 115gsm FSC matt art paper Dimensions: H 21.3cm x W 14.3


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