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Lantern bug - 2

I just took this so wanted to share it, to add to my blog yesterday on these fascinating creatures.

Yes, i flipped it sideways, so you can see it better....the actual photo is below (because they don't sit on the ground horizontally like that, they are almost always seen hanging vertically on trees).

Actually, as this image is larger, you can see its piercing mouthparts under its body, with a little tube sticking out. FYI to achieve this photographic effect i used a longer focal length and extension tubes, plus an off camera diffused flash, to get both clarity and bokeh/blur. I also plamped the bush behind to make it seem like his snozzle was glowing...heheheheh.

Maybe that is how they fooled Carl Linnaeus in the first place...always rely on personal observation....(oi, are you really pointing out one of Carl's mistakes? and are you really on a first name basis? Back to the shed....go!)

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