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Fighting in the park in England

This is in Petworth park in South England, and its the deer rut season. Fighting in the park...(no, not me telling off more inconsiderate dog walkers to pick up their pooh, and keep them leashed where it says they must be).... but the big Stags of the magnificent herd of fallow deer that have called Petworth Park home for over 500 years; they were reportedly hunted by Henry VIII on his visit to Petworth in the 1520s. Today between 700 and 800 deer grace the parkland.

They also FYI have the most amazing ancient trees at Petworth, some of which are nearly 1,000 years old. one of the oaks was a sapling during the Norman conquest of 1066 and is likely older than any of the buildings at Petworth.

Worth fighting for ....


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