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An apology for no image, and an explanation.

I have had a number of my lovely subscribers contact me recently about why there is no longer an image in the e-mail, which means then you have to click on to the site etc etc....and I agree, I MUCH preferred the image in the body of the daily email notification.

But, WIX (my provider platform) in their wisdom have changed to a NEW BLOG style, which mean I had to migrate all of the old stuff over, AND they changed the look and format of the blog on the home page, and also got rid of the image in the notification. Huh. I have already complained, and I do hope that they bring it back, and they have said its under fingers crossed.

Soooo, apologies, but its out of my control. Meanwhile, I can advance share an image that I took yesterday, which i hope you will like....if you have bothered to click through to the body of this message!



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