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A Jurassic Park in Hong Kong?

A Jurassic Park in Hong Kong? Ahhhh, if only! But...the next best thing is Jurassic Garage aka Goateetoni

This is a our featured Nature Guide from our GUIDE TO NATURE GUIDES IN HONG KONG (see below for more info).

Specialty: Hands-on education for schools, kid’s parties, and corp events

Contact details: Phone: 90428438 (Whatsapp/sms only). Email:

Key focus: Wildlife education, Conservation, Overseas tours, Hands-on experiences

We cater all ages from families, young kids, teens to adults.

In English. Can do in Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) upon request.

Describe your organisation: Professional presentations specialised in building quality interactions between humans and animals.

From Toni’s site: “Goatee” Toni Kingston is a naturalist, wildlife conservationist, presenter, and photographer, devoted to the discovery and conservation of wild animals around the world. 

After decades of experiences in the wild, Toni realises that to achieve conservation goals we must get the majority of the world (city people) involved. So in 2004, he founded Jurassic Garage – an educational animal experience that lets people learn about animals through hands-on encounters with real animals.

Best date of the year and times of the day: All year round. By appointment.

Is it Eco friendly? Yes. We collect organic human food leftover for feeding the feeder insects we breed. (Now that is brilliant! Ed.)

as featured in The Guide to Nature Guides of Hong Kong - updated, revised and ready to use.

This is a guide that should help individuals, families and organisations get out into nature, now that lockdown/social distancing has eased.

Please do contact and try these wonderful guides and experiences in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Enjoy! Thank you.

Simply click on the link below to preview a copy or download from my site here:


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