I am pleased, honoured and proud to have helped in a small way with this great new wildlife passion project - Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo.

Claire loves my blog and www.wildcreatureshongkong.info and used it to help the WILDLIFE GUIDE - which accompanies the game - where you can learn more about each species (note from claire: "thank you Wildcreatures Hong Kong for geeking out with me over these!").

Just in time for Christmas, it would make an AWESOME gift, and is perfect for playing with mixed ages and abilities (up to 8 people!)…

There is also a special offer on price and an amusing anecdote behind the production of the game...do read it here https://www.thelionrockpress.com/wtf-is-a-springray/

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ORDER YOURS...CLICK THE LINK BELOW https://www.thelionrockpress.com/product/hong-kong-wildlife-bingo-springray-edition/


$ 280.00 in the future.... or $ 150.00

Due to a misspelling of “STINGRAY”, we are selling these sets at a discount! Please click HERE for the full story!

Carefully curated and beautifully hand illustrated, Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo is a passion project to revive interest in our local biodiversity, and celebrate the incredible breadth of species we have here in Hong Kong. Featuring 49 indigenous species, it brings an educational twist to the much-loved game as players learn the names and behaviours of some of the most fascinating wildlife in the territory.

  • printed on FSC card, as always

  • Fully recyclable

  • Completely PLASTIC-FREE

  • suitable for mixed ages and abilities

  • includes a 12 page wildlife guide

  • up to 8 players