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What can education do?

I wrote earlier last week about Amazing Bugs at the Children's discovery museum..and how they were using my pictures for their displays and great education tools.

I was blown away by one particular initiative, which is for the visually impaired. They have turned some of the pictures into braille, just see the examples below.

This is at the amazing Children’s Discovery Museum (which opened last September), and is conveniently located next to the MTR in North Point. See the website:

Now, this is great place has started this summer (July - October) with an “Amazing Bugs” theme across their existing exhibits, with the goal of exposing children to local species, inspiring an appreciation for bugs and their role in nature, and challenging comfort zones and misconceptions. Yay!! You can go with your kid (you should really book in advance for their sessions), or organise a whole class, where an educator can look after them. Ages range from 3-10 years old.

They depict many local bug species, and have lots of hands-on interactive exhibits, including Q&A blocks, water splashing, sand forming, music playing, picture taking, and lots of good, educational fun. Yes, I got a personal tour, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I am not affiliated in any other way….except they had my permission to use my photos for their display, and I am very proud of the way they are presented. Very professional, very accessible, and carefully planned around school and education curriculums.

A note about the Children’s Discovery Museum We are charitable organization that features hands-on, interactive exhibits targeted at families with children ten and under. We have four exhibit areas in our space covering the subjects of literacy/storytelling, relationship between natural world and consumer world, a tinkering lab (STEAM), and toddler area. for more pictures, click on the images below or go straight to the bottom and book your session to get kids involved with bugs!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See the website: Address: 1/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Email them for more information: Follow us: Facebook/ Instagram/ Newsletter

(and yes, before I get in trouble with the science police, I know that true bugs are only one type of insect, but I am using this as a layman would, to cover small critters and creepy crawlies, phew, happy now?)

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