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The Pied Paddy Skimmer

AKA the Pied Percher. Neurothemis tulia tulia.

Having just arrived back from the UK on the 9th of this month of August I thought it would be a good idea to take a good hike at midday out to Trio beach from SaiKung. Phew, it was 37 degrees and I was melting by the time I got to the lovely little beach, and managed to cool off in the sea, as well as buy a cold drink from the kiosk there.

I digress, as the reason for this post was that on the way there I found this little dragonfly which i had never seen before, so I snapped these at full zoom on my phone. Its a timid little creature, so i could not get close, but it is also a weak flyer, so i was able to track it easily. Small and pretty, this is a male, as the female is yellow in colouration, but also with the stripes of black and white.

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