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Portraits of Trees of Hong Kong and Southern China is a beautiful book

I received my copy a few weeks ago - yes, I bought it (actually I bought it for my wife, who is the flora to my fauna) - and it is simply stunning.

It is richly illustrated by Sally Bunker, whilst Richard Saunders and Chun-Chiu Pang give it rigorous scientific credibility, and it is a fantastic collection of over 100 “portraits” of trees of Hong Kong (chosen from among the 390 or also indigenous trees).

This is a huge labour of love, and I understand that Sally has been painting the trees of Hong Kong for six hours a day during the past seven and a half years! As the seasons change, so do the trees, so this meant multiple visits to each tree - three or four times during its various life stages - making sure that the different flowers, fruits and leaves were all captured accurately.

There is a page of scientific description along with a beautiful watercolour for each tree, creating a truly remarkable collection.

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