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Strange times....

I'm not sure we, or our government, really has figured out what we really, really want.

Well, in the case of Hong Kong, we are balanced between the rapid economic development, and disregard for our natural environment...illustrated by my picture here (these "pink" dolphins will almost certainly be extinct in my lifetime unless there is a major sea change) This is our lovely bridge to (nowhere) Zhuhai.

yet, here we are promoting our wonderful underwater world, with these lovely stamps. So we do appreciate and care for them....well, we like the pretty pictures anyway.

We have 40% of our whole territory protected by "country park" status, even as we indiscriminately spray harmful pesticides everywhere, even on our children (yes, they do this close to the lunch areas of schools), with a 1 in 3 million chance of Dengue. More people die falling down stairs, so why don't we all get wrapped at birth in a huge ball of cotton wool?

So much ignorance, and so much greed.

Anyway, go and see the dolphins while you still can.

I used Mr. Dolphin (AKA Thomas Tue). This is one of his lovely images, and i will blog more about dolphins tomorrow.

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