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Photo winning in a competition

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I am a winner in the "small but mighty" photographic competition organised by 嘉道理農場暨植物園 Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden with this image:

Below is the caption and information:

標題:致命的擁抱 說明:這是蟹蛛總科中的蟹蛛。這種蜘蛛不結網,牠們會住在花朵之中埋伏捕獵,捕取來賞花的昆蟲。 我在農場的上山區找到牠,牠正張開雙手等待牠的午餐。 Title: The Deadly Embrace Caption: This is a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae. This spider does not make a web, but makes its living ambush hunting in flowers, where they grab visiting insects. I found him near the top of the farm, arms outstretched, waiting for his lunch.

I wanted to point out the difference between this shot, which was shot using a remote flash held overhead but also using available daylight, but it really brings the focus onto the subject and also allows for a great close up macro which i could handhold.

Compare this to the original image below of my initial shot when i first spotted the spider and got off a "record" shot, using only available light. I was also lucky that whilst i was taking photos he came across the leaf to challenge me, arms outstretched, before running under the lead. Quite a brave move for something 1/1000 of my size!

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