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Mountain Water Snake, with Adam for

Out with Adam, my partner for

for the full story and Adam's blog please go to

Finding this snake and taking these pictures was of particular interest as both of us had received several comments that the Mountain Water Snake photos may have been mistakenly switched with the Chinese Water Snake on the site due to the lack of colour showing on the bands in those pictures. With daylight a clear reddish hue was visible on the snakes bands this photo shoot would certainly help quell any remaining doubt on the original photo set.

The Mountain Water Snake

In this photo as well as the one below the red color between the bands which is highly visible on juveniles of the species is still present making visual identification much easier.

FROM THE SNAKEID SITE For more pictures of this Mountain Water Snake check out the gallery in the full write up on the Mountain Water Snake page of or check us out on YouTube and Instagram.

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